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Web Development

A website is a collection of web page which are hosted using a domain. Websites provide the necessary information related to the required data through internet where users can check the necessary information irrespective of time.  An expert web developer is a person who designs a website in a computer program that is used to create, edit and update the web pages and websites. The web designer is a skilled person who works with page and site elements through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results.

IndoDes Technologies on one of the upcoming web development service  company in bangalore which has got an expertise team of developers who have the well versed  knowledge on Html, Css, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc..,


Classification of Web Development Serives

Web Design

Web design is a technique where the web pages are designed which can be displayed over Internet. Web design includes the creation of web pages using some of the elements like color, layout and overall graphical appearance.  Web Design includes Web Graphic Design, Interface Design etc.., A web designer is one who designs web pages. The person has to mainly focus on styling and layout of pages with content, including text and images.

E-Comerce Development

E-Commerce websites are generally used in buying ans selling of products online. E- commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance online which reduces the burden of the consumers to carry huge amount in their wallet.  E- Commerce websites can be build using Word press, Joomal, Drupal  which are very much user friendly as it would be just drag and drop type.

Web Development

Developing of websites which can be hosted through Intranet or Internet is generally termed as Web Development. Web development includes some of the tasks like Web Design, Web Content Development, Network Security Configuration, Scripting which could be either Server side or Client side etc.., . Web Development is mainly based on PHP, .NET and the coding can be done  using HTML and PHP pages. Some of the tools like Notepad++, Dream-viewer.

Mobile App Development

As there is increase in the usage of smart phones, the users tend to check using the phones. The mobile application are coded in such a way that the user need to visit the website but just downlaod the required application and use them. The mobile apps are mainly developed in the field of  gaming, online food ordering etc where the consumer can directly use them instead of visiting the website which in turn reduces the time consumption.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is tool used in the building of websites. It allows not only the developer to code but reduce the burden of huge line of coding where even a person with little technical knowledge would be able to build a simple website. Some of the examples of CMS are Word press, Joomla, Drupal etc.., In CMS we have facility like drag and drop elements and build the structure of the page in a very easy and consistent manner.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing generally refers to marketing the products online with the use of internet. This business can be developed sitting in one place which reduces the cost, time spent in offline marketing. As more and more number of users are making use of internet we can use E-mails services  for the publication of business online which incurs less cost.

Development Platforms

PHP Web Development

PHP-developed websites include those, based on the most popular content management systems Joomla and WordPress. PHP is pretty easy to learn and can be used as a general purpose coding language.

.Net Web Development

.Net is a server-side web application framework, used to create dynamic websites and web applications. It offers advantages like simplicity of use, compatibility, good performance, and security.

Ruby Web Development

Ruby offers benefits as simplicity of development and automation. Powering Ruby on Rails framework, Ruby contributes to some of the “hottest” websites online, such as Scribd and Shopify.

Joomla Web Development

A Joomla web developer specializes in this CMS and knows all the tricks to make your website work and look perfectly simple. Joomla has its peculiarities, and a developer that is not familiar with it may not be able to get the most of it.

Useful Aspects of Web development Services


Server security covers some of the aspects like Running security audits, Spam filtering, Software firewall configuration, OS updates, Virus scanning


Users will have the benefits of visiting your website whenever they require. Online visiting of the website can be done even at nights when the shops are beings closed Which help the consumers to purchase online at any time. We just need to keep the products and data updated timely.

Better Relationship

Website acts a bridge between the consumer and the owners. If any information is to be shared like regarding the updates of the products or any other things then instant messages can be delivered to consumer via Email, SMS etc,,. Also, customers can review your products online and can also leave feedback for you and your business.

Brand Identity

An well versed web developer design an website in a very consistent manner. Some of the aspects like Logo of the website, business cards, visiting cards etc.., which will be self explanatory of the website. Visuals speak more than text in a website .

Polished Details

The choice of fonts, spacing of text, and contrast are details that make a difference in the overall quality of your site. These kinds of details may not seem that important, but they affect how readable and functional the site is.


Backs up your data at regular time, keeps its secure, and preserves its integrity which helps in prevention of data loss which does not affect the company’s day to day activity.

Increase Consumers

Now-a-days technology has been drastically improved in such a way that people needs can be reached sitting at one place. People are attached to Online more that Offline mode which will have the tendency to increase consumers who are much comfortable using Internet.


You need to worry about the data if you have a website because the storage of the content is done separately and in-case if any data is lost it can be retrieved at any instance without any expenses. You need to keep a person who has to keep track of the products present in the showroom or the shop since everything is present in the website which reduces the over-burden.


An well designed web page can be used for a long time and you will not feel that necessary to change or redo it for another few years. This gives us more time to focus on other variants like SEO, increasing traffic etc..,

Does not Require

No software modules to install, no application, database programming databases to setup, or web servers to configure for the Website Designer, so adding interactive features to your website would be handy.

Server Monitoring

The System admins constantly monitor the servers to identify if there are  points of failures so that they can address them before they become major problems.

Less Expensive

Advertisement of business is much expensive in terms of printed media, radio, television or by other means. Having a website business can be promoted easily with many of the social media like facebook, twitter and many more. Money and Time both can be saved at one shot.


Having a well furnished Website helps us in attracting the visitors to stay on the page for a long time. Once this is achieved then the popularity of the website increased thus taking the company name to one of the top most levels which increased the brand name of the company in another ways. Free publicity will be plus point from this point of view

Challenge your Competitors

Quality can be achieved only when we have unique content filled in the website.  This attracts more consumers by which the popularity of the website can be achieved within a very short span of time. Thus giving a tough competition.

Search Engine Optimization

The design helps in reducing the content and the text can be used which would act as keywords for a website, hence it minimizes  the code and increases SEO. The SEO mainly targets only on the keywords and enables the website to be at the top.

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