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Give us a design in any format of your choice and we will convert it into HTML with high-quality, user friendly and multi device compatibility which you won’t get anywhere else.

PSD To HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML Conversion is a flowchart or a wireframe. Using Photoshop, a webpage is initially designed and later converted to HTML (hypertext markup language),CSS and Javascript with the help of simple codes.

The overall look of a website is changed when it is converted from PSD to HTML.  Better quality images can be achieved using the conversion which enables the site to  an extent of compatibility with the browser which makes it faster and easier to upload web pages along with the images.




Why Choose Us ?

Leader of PSD to HTML Conversion

When it comes to PSD to HTML Conversion of a website  there is no name better in Bangalore other than Indodes. We have experience, expertise and talent in converting  websites from PSD to HTML.

Mobile And Responsive

With emerging mobile web users day to day mobile and responsive development is more important than ever.

Light-weight tables

Light weight tables is one of the major benefit which helps in improvement of your website in terms of  load time, page size and positioning of Search Engine.

Load-Speed Optimization

Enormous  coding of a website results in slowing down and Search Engines goes down.   But PSD to HTML will make sure that will never happen to your website.

PSD To HTML – Benefits

Search Engine Crawlers

Converting PSD to HTML brings traffic towards the websites.

Error Free website

Semantic coding allows easy spotting of bugs and errors.

Multiple Browser Spport

HTML files are supported by all types of browsers

Dynamic functionality

Animation, Parallax Scrolling, Online Booking Etc,..

Quality/User Experience

HTML sites can drive better conversions and profitability.

Flexible SEO

Better ranking can be achieved by SEO

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