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Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a technology that is used in marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. Some of the major social media places a vital role in delivering the right message to the users all over the world without moving around from their respective places.


Types of Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It includes advertising and marketing with the help of media which are most commonly used by the people around the world  like Facebook, Twitter Etc.., This type of marketing includes creating pages on the site directly promoting a company, organization, or product which can be easily accessed from on or outside of the site.

Search Engine Optimization

The higher is the ranking of your website results in displaying at the top level pages of the some of the reputed search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.., which increases the ratio of visiting your websites. The SEO plays a vital role in bringing the consumers to their desired websites within no time and enhances websites ranking.

E-Mail Marketing

Delivering messages through Electronic mails is referred as E-Mail marketing. It is a combination of various elements like text and images which are combined together to form an Display Ad, or provide access to a video on a web site or public video site such as YouTube. Improves traffic on your website at the same time.

Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the most significant and easy methodology to increase the changes of consumer visiting the site. It is technique where the every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, you pay the search engine a small fee.

Online Marketing – Benefits

Reduced Time

With the help of Online Marketing you can set up online campaigns through the Email facility and reach the consumers within no time and spread about your websites in a matter of minutes which reduces the work load of offline mode.

Reduced Cost

The investments made  to spread the websites and make it reach to the users using Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing , Blogs etc,,  as it does not require any office space, labourers, capital investments, enterpreneur.

Global Reach

Siting at one place the business can be shared to millions of users at the same time using Internet, Online Marketing. The advertisements reaches to the users within no time via Email marketing, Social media marketing, Pay per Click etc.,

Quick Service

Consumers incur no cost in reaching the internet markets anywhere in the world. This removes the cost of transportation to purchase goods and delivery them to consumers within the stipulated time. The services would be available on click of a specific button in the website.

Instant Transaction

Instant transaction reduces the burden of carrying bulk amount in the wallet at the same time it is safe and secure. Dramatically it reduces the transfer of cash  path of both marketers & customers. The online transaction are mainly dealt by the third party’s like Paypal, Bitcoin etc..

Data Collection

A large or huge number of data pertaining to the consumers can be collected which includes some of the common data like Name. Address, Email-ID, Pages visited in the site, etc.. by sitting in once place which reduces the employer burden in collection these necessary information.

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