Stop burning money on crackers – Help these smiles keep growing.

We live in a society where one group spend millions on burning firecrackers and the other section lives in a situation where they have to think about their mere existence. There are these kids deprived of even basic needs and on other side we are spending on things we don’t even need.

This Diwali, I pledge not to spend a single penny on firecrackers and use all those saved money to help these kids. Burning crackers has an adverse effect on our environment as well as our health. So, why not abandon it and start thinking on a noble cause,

I know saving few thousands will not be effective on a large scale but, at least we can start with this. Remember, miles journey starts with a single step.  And I know if each and everyone of us start thinking about this small step, we can complete the mission in notime.

So, I request all of you to support me in this initiative and donate whatever you save from your crackers budget.