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Why a Professional Web Design Company Is Needed For Your Ecommerce Website Development


Why a Professional Web Design Company Is Needed For Your Ecommerce Website Development

How to Select a Web Designing Firm for Your Ecommerce Website Development

You are ready to take your business online and find new horizons for its growth but the most crucial decision at this moment is where to go for your ecommerce development. Lots of web development companies are out there hence, you need to filter out the one who is on the same line as you are from every perspective.

Here we suggest few checkpoints one should always go through before taking such decision.

  1. Code Quality and Design Usability:

Put yourself in the end users’ shoes and have a look at their previous works. Ensure the code quality and check designs they have created previously. Code quality can be checked by looking into the features implemented and their efficiency. Design check can be done by simply navigating through different features of the website. Here are few checklists.

How fast are the websites developed by them while loading?

Are the code passing the SEO requirements and are there bugs in the code?

How well the information architecture has been created; are the navigations intuitive enough for the user to understand at a glance?

 How easily and efficiently the user can complete a particular task on the website?

Are the websites following the current trends of User experience?

  1. Experience and Background Check:

For every great brand, the strongest pillar is the people behind it. One should always check the team portfolio, their experience, their capabilities as well as their drawbacks. They are going to develop your brand in the digital marketspace hence their background is the most important factor. One should also check the certifications and accreditations achieved by the team.

  1. Read their case studies and understand approach to solve problems:

By looking into their case studies you can easily understand their methodologies, the technologies they work on and their approach to solve a real-life business problem. The project lifecycles and the delivery timelines are two important factors to focus on so that they can be compatible with your requirements and expectations.

  1. Are to providing maintenance post development?

Post deployment, the major issues are the maintenance and technical assistance. Try to understand their maintenance process or even if it exists or not. Costs and availability should also be discussed. While having these discussions, always keep in mind the scalability issue so that you can be confident enough for you products and services when you grow bigger and mightier (We hope you grow beyond the technical limits).

  1. Do they have idea about shipping, Payment, upload and inventory management?

Now come the functional issues which may sound obvious at certain point but discussing everything at first hand is always beneficial to avoid any risk. Shipping Mediums, Payment Methods, Refund Rules, Product uploading and Inventory Management are the minimum features that need to be pointed at early as possible.

  1. Will they be able to help with online marketing in order to grow the business?

The project is over, your website is ready for taking your business online. But, then there are lots of competitors out in the market and somehow your website is not getting enough traffic and you sales are not as per your expectations. You need to bring the audience to your website and convert them into your customer. It is always recommended to insure that the service provider also provides services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

  1. In case your business grows, will they be capable enough to scale your website?

It may be easy to handle the business both offline and online but over the time your customer base as well as products and services grow. The service provider should be efficient enough to tackle with such challenges. Website backup and hosting maintenance is also not less than a challenge.

Once you are sure about all these points, your business is ready to rock the digital world…

All the best for your future endeavours!!

Stop burning money on crackers – Help these smiles keep growing.


Stop burning money on crackers – Help these smiles keep growing.

We live in a society where one group spend millions on burning firecrackers and the other section lives in a situation where they have to think about their mere existence. There are these kids deprived of even basic needs and on other side we are spending on things we don’t even need.

This Diwali, I pledge not to spend a single penny on firecrackers and use all those saved money to help these kids. Burning crackers has an adverse effect on our environment as well as our health. So, why not abandon it and start thinking on a noble cause,

I know saving few thousands will not be effective on a large scale but, at least we can start with this. Remember, miles journey starts with a single step.  And I know if each and everyone of us start thinking about this small step, we can complete the mission in notime.

So, I request all of you to support me in this initiative and donate whatever you save from your crackers budget.